Vocational Training

Gainful employment is the cornerstone of a normative lifestyle. This is why Hut HaMeshulash has embarked on a partnership with the Dualis Social Investment Fund, the Jerusalem Municipality, the Wohl Charitable Foundation and other philanthropic partners in order to establish a social business in Jerusalem. The goal of social entrepreneurship projects is to achieve social impact through building and investing in for-profit social businesses that have a social component. The focus of that component is on providing soft skills, vocational training, employment and job creation for underserved groups, including youth at risk.

The project we have launched in summer 2016 is “Anna”, a gourmet Italian restaurant based at the famous Anna Ticho Museum in Jerusalem. The project has a dual social and business focus, with the social element taking priority over business considerations. The restaurant employs at-risk youth in order to train them in professions that are in demand in the restaurant business, and help them learn how to function in a normative work environment.

The young men and women, recruited by Hut HaMeshulash, are introduced to the full range of professions available in the restaurant business and will be subsequently trained as sous-chefs. The skills gained through participation in the project will guarantee them further employment in the field. The training process is monitored by a social worker, who helps participants adapt to demands of theworkplace, and guides the permanent staff on how to best interact with the youngsters.

She leads individual and group counselling sessions and is available to both project participants and the professional staff throughout the project life cycle.