Secure Future

Atid Batuach (“Secure Future”) is a new economic empowerment and vocational rehabilitation program running at the Drop-In Center in partnership with Bituach Leumi, Israel’s National Insurance Institute.

Atid Batuach participants will join us from our three existing projects (Open Space Drop-In Center, the Residential Home for Young Women and the Residential Home for Young Men).

Activities include:

  • employment preparation workshops
  • life-skills workshops
  • vocational training
  • professional exposure days
  • personal empowerment lessons
  • and more…

We anticipate that with these skills and our guidance, participants will successfully find valuable employment and thrive in the workplace and beyond.

Gaining employable skills does not only give one the ability to earn money. With a job, one is able to nurture self-worth and self-respect. With responsibilities and recognition of skills by others comes belief in oneself. This shift in mindset can uproot deeply seeded unhealthy beliefs and habits, and alter the ways of these youth for a lifetime. This seemingly small program can have a huge, crucial impact on the future of these individuals.