Therapy plays an extremely important role in helping young women learn life skills and establish a healthy sense of self-worth.

  1. The individual level consists of creation of a tailor-made treatment program for each participant. We provide counseling, vocational training, physical rehabilitation (sometimes as basic as dental treatment or helping a young woman improve her posture), restoring ties with the young woman’s family, and encouraging creativity through enrichment activities can all be part of this individual treatment program. The young women relearn the basic life-skills of family living, ranging from personal hygiene, food preparation and laundry to communal responsibility and financial management. Within a short period of time the women are enrolled in volunteer, employment and educational frameworks. Assistance includes personal therapy by licensed social workers, psychologist, and psychiatrists.
  2. On a grouplevel, young women participate in weekly group counseling with all Home residents in order to learn effective communication skills, conflict resolution and to lead self-reflection exercises. They also learn basic life skills such as budget management and running a household, and share enrichment activities such as cultural outings and trips in nature. In addition to vocational trainings, life-skills workshops, and employment preparation courses, our participants are offered many educational and enrichment courses, including art, music, creative writing, cooking, driving lessons and more.
  3. On the level of the community, the participants celebrate Shabbat and holidays together and build a supportive community free from prejudice, violence and abuse. Twice a week, our graduates can visit our participants to serve as role models and create a therapeutic connection that fills the emptiness when the family is missing. Outside the walls of Hut HaMeshulash, graduates continue receiving ongoing support as they integrate in academic and professional frameworks. We help with advice, provide opportunities to expand their social network and provide exposure to female role models and success stories.