Young Women’s Home

The young women who live in our Residential Home have been living on the street, rejected by their families (sometimes the source of abuse and violence) and expelled from all other frameworks. Many of these young women have experienced rape. History of drug use, prostitution and other forms of these are also common. We provide services to pregnant young women as well – an especially vulnerable group that is often overlooked by other welfare frameworks. The goal of the Home is to teach the skills necessary for these young women to integrate back into their communities and maintain independent and normative lives.

Potential participants are referred to Hut HaMeshulash by social workers. The Home’s programming and dedicated staff gives these women the opportunity to turn their lives around. Our Home is located in the upscale Arnona neighborhood in Jerusalem and provides accommodation, support, and empowerment for up to 14 at-risk, troubled and homeless young women, including expectant mothers, aged 18-25.

The pregnant young women at our Home participate in a special program, supporting them through their pregnancy and preparing them for birth. All of the options are explained to them, and the young women decide whether to keep their babies, or choose adoption or foster care. Their children are born into a warm, supportive environment with resources that would have been otherwise unavailable to them. The young women may stay at the Home until their babies are six months old.

The complete program lasts 18 months with individual progress measured every three months. The Home is open year-round. Over sixty women have graduated from the program since it began in 2009, and Hut HaMeshulash has ongoing contact with all of them. All of our graduates are well equipped to navigate the challenges ahead and build an independent life for themselves and their families.