Young Men’s Home

The Residential Home provides housing for at-risk, troubled and homeless young men ages 18-25 who are motivated to gain skills for independent living. The young men who come to the Hut HaMeshulash home are referred by social workers from municipal authorities around Israel or are referred by the Israeli court system. Many of the young men have been in previous therapeutic frameworks but are not ready for completely independent living. The young men are in a caring, family-type environment, living in dignity and without fear.  Settling into the routine of a responsible, disciplined, working life and gaining life skills enables the young men to reconcile their pasts and transform their futures. They are offered a guiding hand on the way to autonomy, gaining the skills and re-entering society as people with feelings of self-worth.

The home provides for twelve men at any one time and offers a structured program of 12 months duration (occasionally up to 18) in which they are given a guiding hand on the way to autonomy, gain skills, find a job or continue their education, and re-enter society as people with feelings of self-worth. The Home is staffed by a social worker, coordinator and night counselor.

“Thanks to this house I have learned so much that I didn’t know. I now understand how to organize my day, how to successfully live like a normal person, and how to work like a normal person.

It was hard for me here and I know that I am not the easiest person in the world. You have helped me so much. Our conversations enabled me to get to know myself, to develop self-awareness and to change my egotism. I am a different person thanks to this home. There are good people here who have helped me a great deal.”