Music Room

The Drop-In Center’s Music Room was initiated for youth ages 14 to 25. The Music Room is one of the Drop-In Center’s core programs, providing a framework that encourages self-expression and personal development for youth and young adults who are drawn to music. Participants in the music program can develop creatively and professionally and connect to their inner world through melody. For some, music becomes a therapeutic process that facilitates healing from the traumas they have experienced. For others, it may be the beginning of a lifelong interest and career.

The Music Room, open four days a week, is headed a professional trained in music therapy who offers private lessons, voice development, group sessions and training in sound and recording. Some of the youth/young adults join or form their own bands and perform. Participation in the Music Room develops interpersonal skills, responsibility, ability to work in a team and self-discipline. Personal programs are created for youth interested in seriously developing their abilities.

Equipment in the Music Room includes high quality instruments and sound equipment, including drums, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, synthesizer, guitar amplifiers, amplifiers, and two microphones. The youth are responsible for the maintenance of the room.