Drop-In Center

Our Open Space Drop-in Center is located in downtown Jerusalem near popular bars and teen hangouts. Its welcoming atmosphere provides a protective environment for alienated at-risk youth, ages 14-25. At the Center, youth can socialize with peers, eat hot meals, and benefit from a range of therapeutic care. We strive to impart resiliency skills and tools that help participants get back on their feet and transform their futures. The Center serves 60-100 at-risk youth daily, with some youth making the Center their home every day.

Our Drop-in Center is open daily from 10am to 10pm and until midnight on Thursday and Saturday nights. We are offering more therapy sessions and more shower and laundry facilities. The Center also hosts weekly Shabbat meals and Jewish holiday celebrations with its participants, creating a warm, family-like atmosphere.

Hut HaMeshulash’s skilled and experienced counselors and social workers are on hand to offer emotional and psychological support and treatment. Individual and group counseling is actively encouraged and available for those who choose it. The staff includes a full-time social worker who serves as director, a therapeutic coordinator (also a social worker), a volunteer coordinator, volunteers, and five educational counselors. In the morning, therapeutic options are offered, and after lunch educational and enrichment programs are available including: music classes in a fully equipped music room, creative writing, art, photography, creative handwork using recycled material, and Jewish spirituality, life and practice. Whenever possible, we help participants reunite with their families and establish relationships that fulfill the emotional need for support. As necessary, we refer participants for psychiatric evaluation.

We offer a solution that offers:

  1. Being part of a community that accepts the participant without infringing on their freedom to make life choices;

    2. Therapy that is individually tailored to each participant;

    3. Through advocating for participants’ rights at the National Insurance Institute, municipal frameworks, banks and educational institutions, we open up opportunities to clear up debt or any other past mistakes and move up in life;

    4. There is an individual program developed for each participant that offers practical solutions.

Anyone in the 14 to 25 age group is welcome to come in and benefit from the Drop-In Center’s hot meals, enrichment workshops, many classes, and, most importantly, therapy. We accept everyone given that they obey the rules: neither drugs nor alcohol are allowed within the walls of the Drop-In Center.