Our trifold model offers a holistic progrem built on three core principles. It is the fruit of a professional understanding that all three ‘cords’ are necessary prerequisites for treatment and rehabilitation.

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תמונת הירו השיטה שלנו

Our method and approach is reflected in the three cord of the thread: home, supportive environment, and meaning

Our goal is to help teenagers and young adults make a change in their lives.
The basis of three cord model is providing young people with a safe and secure space where they are accepted as they are, without condition, and treated with dignity and respect. We recognize the great importance of addressing the basic existential needs of these young people in order to develop their willingness and ability to undertake the process of change.
When young people are given a safe, protected space where they don’t need to worry about survival, an opening is created for work on additional aspects of their connection to themselves and their environment.


Home: providing a basic and immediate solution for physical/existential needs: shelter, a safe space, food, clothing, rest, etc.

Supportive environment: Therapeutic/rehabilitative work with a social worker; tools for integrating into normative society; referrals to appropriate frameworks; vocational workshops and differential assistance as needed.

Meaning: connection to the self. Empowering young people on the path to change and helping them discover their inner strengths and talents with music, theater, art, writing, and other activities.


Hut HaMeshulash in numbers – from its establishment until today​

חוט לבן מפריד

The Open Space Drop-in Center

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Young Men’s Home

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Young Women’s Home

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Unit for Young Pregnant Woman

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Transitional Accommodation

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Vocational training program

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