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Drop in Center

Our Open Space Drop-in Center is located in downtown Jerusalem near popular bars and teen hangouts. Its welcoming atmosphere provides a protective environment for alienated at-risk youth and young aults, ages 14-25. At the Center, youth can socialize with peers, eat hot meals, and benefit from a range of therapeutic care.

Young Women's Home

The young women who live in our Residential Home have been living on the street, rejected by their families (sometimes the source of abuse and violence) and expelled from all other frameworks. Many of these young women have experienced rape, drug use, prostitution and other forms of these are also common.

Young Men's Home

The Residential Home provides housing for at-risk, troubled and homeless young men ages 18-25 who are motivated to gain skills for independent living. The young men who come to the Hut HaMeshulash home are referred by social workers from municipal authorities around Israel or are referred by the Israeli court system.

Vocational Training

Gainful employment is the cornerstone of a normative lifestyle. This is why Hut HaMeshulash has embarked on a partnership with the Dualis Social Investment Fund, the Jerusalem Municipality, the Wohl Charitable Foundation and other philanthropic partners in order to establish a social business in Jerusalem.