The street is not a home, especially in times of war

Hut HaMeshulash: a warm home for hundreds of at risk teens and young adults

“A little bit of light pushes away a lot of darkness”

Hut HaMeshulash was born out of a sense of commitment to helping at-risk teenagers and young adults discover their own special light.

Our vision is based on the belief that “a little bit of light pushes away a lot of darkness”. With love, unconditional acceptance, and a range of physical and psychological support mechanisms, we help young people discover and express their own unique strengths.

We believe that every human being is essentially good at their core, and that everyone, no matter who they are, deserves a fulfilling and dignified life.

The Trifold Model

Our program and approach are reflected in the three cords of home, supportive environment, and meaning.

חוט לבן מפריד

Place (Home)

אייקון מושלש עליון2

Fundamental and immediate solutions for physical/existential needs: a safe space, food, clothing and rest.


אייקון משולש ימין

A supportive environment that includes therapeutic/rehabilitative social work and provides tools for reintegration into normative society, including referral to suitable frameworks, vocational training, etc.

Meaning (Connection to Self)

אייקון משולש שמאל

Empowering young people on the path to change and helping them to connect to their inner strengths and talents through music, theater, art and other activities.

Our Method

Open Space Drop-in Center

A warm home for at-risk teenagers and young adults (ages 14-25), which offers immediate needs support, therapeutic/rehabilitative assistance, and enrichment and personal development programs.

Vocational Training Program

Originally established in partnership with the National Insurance Institute of Israel, this program aims to prepare young people for the world of work.

Young Men’s Home

The first of its kind in Israel. A long-term therapeutic/rehabilitative framework for 12 young men (ages 18-25) in vulnerable situations.

Young Women’s Home and the Unit for Young Pregnant Women

A hostel for 15 young women (ages 18-25) who lack shelter and family support. A unique unit for pregnant young women in vulnerable situations.

Transitional Accommodation

Continued support for graduates of other therapeutic/rehabilitative frameworks, serving as an additional stage in the process of starting an independent life.

Emergency Shelters

immediate, short-term solutions for at-risk young women from the Ultra Orthodox community and young men facing homelessness


Hut HaMeshulash in numbers – from its establishment until today

חוט לבן מפריד

The Open Space Drop-in Center

0 +
teenagers and young adults

Young Men’s Home

0 +
young men

Young Women’s Home

0 +
young women

Unit for Young Pregnant Women

0 +
babies born

Transitional Accommodation

0 +
young people

Vocational Training Program

0 +
young people completed the program

From Our Graduates

Take part in a life-changing enterprise

Assist in ongoing activities and invest in program expansion

A range of ways to routinely participate in our activities

Join forces with us to help at-risk young people

Our Partners

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