Our Values

We believe that each individual…

  • Is essentially good
  • Needs recognition of that goodness
  • Possesses the ability to change
  • Deserves to have his/her basic needs met
  • Deserves meaningful human relationships
  • Has unique and individual strengths and talents


We enable children and youth at risk to discover their own abilities and talents. We believe that by revealing the good and inner strength within each on of them, we can provide the necessary tools for resilience, growth, and development.

Creating a Home

The therapeutic model at Hut HaMeshulash creates the atmosphere of a home. We strive to establish a welcoming environment in which:

  • Individuals are accepted for who they are.
  • Individuals can restore their self-esteem and begin to believe in themselves, their surroundings, and the world.
  • Physical and emotional needs are met.
  • All who come to the home are respected unconditionally.
  • Individuals are encouraged to find the inner strength and power that we believe exists within them.

The uniqueness of Hut HaMeshulash lies in the integration of our values and our professional therapeutic knowledge in the field of at-risk youth.

Hut HaMeshulash respects Jewish tradition and spirit: our facilities have kosher kitchens; we celebrate the Sabbath and Jewish holidays together; and we champion acceptance with faith in the internal good of each individual and faith in selfless giving and love.