About Us

In 1999, a young couple, Igal and Dana Goldstein, started helping Jerusalem youth they saw living in the streets. They worked with teenagers and young adults, providing for their basic needs, giving them emotional support and teaching them basic life skills. The scope of the problem, hundreds of teenagers and young adults living on the streets of Israel’s capital, led to establishment of Hut HaMeshulash. From the very beginning, the organization provided support, a safe space, counseling and advocacy to young people who are disconnected from their families and face a wide variety of issues that prevent them from leading normative lives.

Our organization runs three major projects under the supervision of Israel’s Ministry of Welfare, and our projects are staffed by experienced psychologists, social workers, and trained professionals who help our participants rehabilitate and reintegrate into society as capable, independent individuals.

Each year, hundreds of young men and women participate in our programs. In some cases, where there is need for additional care, we refer teens to further treatment in suitable establishments and continue to follow up on their progress. In the majority of cases, we witness personal growth and a substantial change in their abilities to participate in and contribute to Israeli society. Graduates of our programs go on to join the army, work in regular jobs, pursue further education, rent apartments, and lead independent lives.

Hut HaMeshulash answers the need of hopeless and homeless teens and young adults who have nowhere to go. It is the only organization in Israel to provide housing, emotional support and programming for a broad age range which includes post-18 year olds and pregnant women. Projects include:

  • An open space drop-in center for alienated at-risk youth and young adults, ages 14-25
  • A residential home for at-risk young men, ages 18-25
  • A residential home for at-risk young women, ages 18-25
  • A social business project based at the “Anna” restaurant at the historic Beit Ticho in downtown Jerusalem.