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There are more than 260,000 at-risk children and youth in Israel, and around 200,000 young adults in vulnerable situations.
Hut HaMeshulash was established in 1999 and has been at the forefront of providing assistance, treatment, and rehabilitation for vulnerable young people ever since. The organization runs five major programs in Jerusalem for teenagers and young adults from all over Israel. Hut HaMeshulash operates in partnership with, and under the supervision of, the Ministry of Welfare and collaborates with a wide range of service providers. Leading the organization’s activities are 60 professional and devoted employees, volunteers, and national service volunteers.

The name “Hut HaMeshulash” (“threefold cord” in Hebrew) was inspired by a verse in Ecclesiastes: “…a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” In literal terms, the expression refers to a cord or rope woven from three thinner cords. Each cord alone is weak and easy to break; but when woven together, they are very strong. The “threefold cord” is made up of protective layers that give it strength and stability in the long run. In keeping with its name, Hut HaMeshulash works to provide young people with strength and stability in three cords: home, environment, and meaning.

תמונת בית עמוד אודות


Hut HaMeshulash was founded in 1999 by Dana and Igal Goldstein. The organization started in a two-room apartment in central Jerusalem, which served as a meeting place for at-risk teens and young adults. During these encounters, Dana and Igal were exposed to the difficult reality in which many young adults in the city find themselves: hunger, homelessness, and lack of family support.

This drove them to establish the open space drop-in center: a warm space that provides a safe, nonjudgmental alternative to life on the streets – a home that hundreds of at-risk teens and young adults still visit every day.
Through their work, Dana and Igal became aware that no housing solutions existed for these young adults once they reached the age of 18. This left vulnerable young adults over 18 with no assistance, housing, or opportunities to integrate into normative society. To address this need, Hut HaMeshulash established two hostels for at-risk young adults. The young men’s home (the first hostel of its kind for young men over 18) opened in 2006. It was followed in 2009 by the young women’s home, which includes a unit for pregnant and vulnerable young women, the only solution of its kind in Israel for young women over 18. The hostels provide long-term accommodation where young adults undergo a transformative, long-term rehabilitative process. In 2017, two Transitional Home were opened for graduates of these hostels.
Over the years, Hut HaMeshulash has developed collaborations and partnerships with a range of bodies, including the Ministry of Welfare, the Municipality of Jerusalem, the National Insurance Institute of Israel, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the maternity ward at Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Hadassah Academic College, Paamonim, Nissan Nativ Acting Studio, and others.

Since its establishment, the team at Hut HaMeshulash has been working to give every young person a chance to rehabilitate their lives and integrate into society.

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